A Right Definition of Success as the Best Motivation at the University

 Success can have different meanings. Normally, it consists in achieving those goals that a person has set for himself or herself. Some people measure their success by wealth and fame, whereas for others being successful is synonymous with being satisfied with life. According to the majority of people, a successful person will be financially independent, have a large house and a luxurious car. Success is a more complex concept that can be measured in several different life dimensions: career, relationships and wealth.


Success from the career perspective

Almost every person wants to succeed in a career. This kind of success can be judged by such factors, as a position in a company, a level of salary, the number of subordinates and respect of colleagues. In fact, the number of reasons for success in career is as large as the number of successful people in the world. To achieve success in career a person needs to work hard, be eager to improve his or her abilities on a constant basis, be able to present himself or herself to the best advantage as well as be efficient at a field of job-related activities.

Success in relationships

Apart from career, an individual can succeed in building and fostering relationships with other people. A successful relationship can be measured by several factors, namely: the number of friends, the nature of a relationship with family or relatives and respect of close people. Success in a relationship is based on mutual respect and understanding, compassion and, of course, satisfaction with a partner in any particular kind of a relationship.

The majority of people want to have successful and harmonious relationships. This success in a relationship is not restricted to romantic or friendly relationships. As a matter of fact, it is vital at a workplace as well. A successful relationship with a superior or colleagues can be a determiner of future success in one’s career. As seen from that, success in career and the one in a relationship are often interdependent.

Success in finances

The measurements of financial success are: financial independence, ability to save money for long-term goals as well as different material attributes like a speedy car, private yacht or beautiful house. Needless to say, financial success is dependent on a person’s attitude to life in general. For example, some people are satisfied with a sufficient amount of money to meet their everyday needs, whereas others are prone to strive for growing wealth.

As a matter of fact, financial success in the broad sense implies an ability to be of independent means and not to ask for support, an ability to choose the most desired job as well as an ability to spend money on those products one needs and wants without considering one’s budget carefully.

In essence, there are different meanings and connotations of success as a notion in different areas of life. Every individual sees it from different angles. In general, success means overcoming obstacles on the way to a better life. Thus, those people who can succeed in something in spite of hardships have a sense of accomplishment. An individual can be proud of himself or herself if failures and mistakes had not undermined self-confidence and had only directed the willpower to new limits. If a person’s mindset is restrained by those ideas about success that are covered in mass media, becoming successful is likely to be an impossible task.

Therefore, there is no narrow interpretation of this notion. Success has to do with a number of life dimensions that relate to every person. Naturally, they all have different priorities in the lives of different people, but they are equally important for a full and successful life.

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