The Role of Efficient Communication in the Context of Learning

Needless to say, learning is considered to be a major force in the lives of people. In numerous societies, children familiarize themselves with educational activities at the very young age. However, the role of the educational activities depends on the nature of cross-cultural variations in terms of educational values. Thus, in a great many of nations, students may go to a form of optional higher education as they complete compulsory educational programs.

Often, it is believed that after obtaining a diploma, an individual has acquired all the necessary knowledge that will allow him/her to operate efficiently in an adult life. Nevertheless, learning will proceed in the adulthood as well. This is so due to the fact that the need for learning will not decrease as the person ages.

Online communication

Online communication appears to be an interaction among people that is conducted via the Internet. It is possible to distinguish among several types of online communication of the electronic society we live in. To be an active participant of online communication, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of these forms. There are three types of online communication, notably: synchronous, asynchronous and hybrid ones.

Different forms of online communication

Synchronous forms of online communication include chats (enable people to read messages and provide feedback to them in a real-time mode) and conferences (conducted in forms of webinars and live online meetings). Asynchronous online communication comprises such types of online communication: email (allows to send private messages to other people in the academic course), threaded discussions (used primarily for class discussions and make it possible to observe how a particular conversation advances in the course of time), blogs (are journals updated by an individual or a group of individuals; blogs’ major advantage is that they provide an opportunity for the community to post comments) and wikis (another form of blogs that can be edited by each member of a community).

Skills needed for efficient communication

The major and most widespread form of hybrid communication is collaborations. In fact, it can be both synchronous and asynchronous. In the realm of education, it makes it possible for the instructor and students to edit documents simultaneously. It is not required to be online to edit any given document.

Success in communication as the road to success in studies

The most vital skill required for successful online communication is proper knowledge of web browser and relevant Internet tools. It can be viewed as both strength and weakness of mine. In terms of strength, it is vital to have all the relevant knowledge and skills that allow me to communicate online efficiently. At the same time, it can be considered my weakness, since there are a great number of details that need to be improved to communicate more efficiently. Thus, in the context of network society, it is true that practice makes perfect and the more one uses various forms of online communication mentioned above, the more efficient he/she will become with this regard. To improve on the issue, it is necessary to set up a strategy that will assist in the process.

The importance of online communication in the world of learning

One should understand the use of an e-communication device or form before applying it. It involves the understanding how to use it efficiently. For instance, depending on the issue, it is possible to send an e-mail, a text message or make a telephone call.

Since there is no facial contact, you have to ensure that the content of the message can be easily understood, and it gives a clear representation of the sender. It entails the tone and attitude. It also has to be ethically and culturally sensitive. Especially when sending a message to different people, it should be appropriate for all recipients. When chatting online, you will apply perspective taking to respond appropriately.

All in all, communication appears to be a fundamental social process that serves many spheres of life. Without efficient communicative processes, it is next to impossible to get one’s points across to another individual. Apart from understanding each other, it is sharing information that face-to-face and online communication forms are used for.


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